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April 27, 2014 by monument in News

Fire Sprinkler Warning


Last month, a fire sprinkler activated within a Monument apartment. This was a major incident and caused a significant amount of water damage to a number of apartments. To give you an idea on the spread of the damage – an apartment two levels below needs the flooring replaced! You do not want this to happen to your apartment.

A fire sprinkler will only activate if the gas within the glass compartment is heated, or the glass compartment is broken. Hence, they will not be set off by smoke alone (a relief for anyone who regularly burns their toast!). However, if anything comes into contact with the glass compartment, you run the risk of breakage. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you never hang anything from your fire sprinkler – that includes coat hangers, Christmas ornaments, party decorations etc. Never place a candle or other type of heat source under or close to the sprinkler.

Please also make sure you have appropriate contents insurance for your apartment (in case of flooding, fire, etc) as the Monument’s building insurance only covers common property.

If you have any concerns about our fire safety systems, please see the concierge.

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