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November 21, 2016 by monument in News

Having a Party?

Surry Hills and Darlinghurst are the entertainment hub of Sydney and we all love to have a good time. Monument is no exception, however some simple ideas and quick actions can go a long way to promote good neighbour relations.

Mention your party to concierge that day. This helps with building security and ensures we are all safe.

If you plan on a large gathering, consider mentioning it beforehand to your neighbours so they are aware in advance. A simple note under the door can save a lot of grief for all.

Be considerate of your fellow residents. Encourage guests to arrive and leave respectfully and quietly. Remember to turn music down at an appropriate time and keep balcony noise to a minimum later in the night. Also if you have guests who smoke ask them to use ash trays and not flick ash and butts over the balcony. Remember you are responsible for any damage to common property made by your guests.

Plan on hosting a gathering on Level 3 outside? Non-exclusive bookings can be made with concierge. Remember to consult concierge more than 7 days in advance and follow the booking form procedures.

Party Disturbance?

Have concerns with noise from your neighbour?

If the concierge is available ask them for assistance. You can always contact concierge in person, phone or email between 7am – 8pm Sunday to Thursday, and 7am – 2am Friday and Saturday. The concierge can also verify the disturbance for future reference if needed. The team are there to assist and help wherever possible: 9283 3630

If the concierge is not available, and if appropriate, knock on their door and politely ask for them to tone it down, sometimes a good time means one loses track of time.

Still a problem? Sometimes things do get out of hand. One of Monument’s closest neighbours is Surry Hills Police Centre: 9265 4144

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