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September 18, 2018 by monument in News

Lift Tips


When a lift is busy and multiple security access fobs are swiped at once, there can be a delay between swiping your fob and having the security system recognise it.

Please note you do not have to swipe your fob multiple times. If you swipe and the lift button does not work, simply wait a second or two and push the button again.

If you continually swipe this will slow the security system down, not speed it up.

In a busy lift please be courteous and allow residents from lower levels to swipe their fobs first. 


If you want to go to level 13 or 15 from the foyer or level 3, before pushing the lift button swipe your fob on the scanner under the lift buttons and you will only call lifts 2 and 3. Lift 1 will be prevented from coming because it only services levels 3 to 12.

There is a separate lift button for levels 13 and 15 on the basement level.

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