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December 22, 2013 by monument in News

Smoke Alarm Tips

Recently we have had a number of false smoke alarms that have resulted in the Fire Department attending the building.

If you set off the smoke alarms in your apartment accidentally due to cooking, etc, please ensure that you do not open the front door of your apartment and let smoke out into the common area corridors.

Please ensure that if you are having building work undertaken in your apartment that your front door remains closed, as wood and plaster dust can also set off the corridor smoke alarms.

The smoke alarms in the corridors are directly connected to the Fire Department, whereas your apartment alarms are not.

If the smoke alarms in the corridors are tripped, the Fire Department will attend the building and in the event of a false alarm you will be charged their call out fee – currently $1,350.

If you have any questions please discuss these with the concierge.

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