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July 6, 2014 by monument in News

Time for a remote tune-up?

Is your carpark remote losing its zing? We’ve noticed a few batteries have run flat lately, which is not surprising given it’s been 3 years since our key system was updated. Your battery may be on its last legs if you notice that it is unreliable and/or the light is dimming (the light may still function on a very low battery, but the transmitter may cease to work effectively).

It’s easy to change the battery. You need a small screwdriver and a CR2025 lithium battery.

It’s also a good time to check that the screws that hold your remote’s plastic casing are firmly in place. The screws can become loose over time, and we have known of situations where the entire internal electronics have fallen out due to a loose or missing screw.

If you need help tuning-up your remote, please pop by concierge and they can assist you.

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