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October 12, 2014 by monument in News

Window Coverings

Due to the full height window design of Monument and advice provided by the original architects of the building, Wood/Marsh Architecture, there are strict guidelines concerning window coverings in the building. These are contained in:

By-Law 6 – What are your obligations for your apartment?

These guidelines are as follows:

6.6 – Window coverings

You may install full-drop curtains, roller blinds, or panel blinds whose panels are no less than 900 mm in width as window coverings on or in your apartment provided that the window coverings have an appearance from outside your apartment or Monument which is white or off-white.

6.7 – When will you require Owners Corporation consent for window coverings?

You must have consent from the Owners Corporation by special resolution at a general meeting to place, install or retain window coverings other than those specified in by-law 6.6 (“Window coverings”).

Please consult the Strata Manager and/or Building Manager for further information.

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